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Ochoa Construction LLC.’s foundation is the result of blood, sweat, and tears from Jose Ochoa. Beginning at the commercial upswing of the 2005 real estate boom, the fledgling drywall company catapulted itself into the highly competitive world of commercial drywall installation here in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the early years of its’ growth and skill honing, accompanied by a team of finishers and framers, Ochoa’s future became bright. Despite the market’s multitude of naysayers during the early 2000’s recession; Ochoa’s company persevered through the willingness to flex into other active territories acquiring a fine-tuned set of subs and craftsmen.


Ochoa Construction continues to develop along their predicted trajectory due to the efforts in cost saving measures to benefit the client’s bottom line. Ochoa is seeking to hold a slot in the Top Commercial Drywall Contractors of Atlanta. Staying updated on the newest technologies and integrating those in the realms of in-house specialization, prefabrication, and other cost-effective steps will keep this company in the mix for years to come.



To deliver an exceptional customer experience, through state-of-the-art planning and performing only safe practices, we strive to exceed client expectations while developing everlasting business relationships.



Maintain the state of a maturing company as our mindful decisions regarding responsibilities and the utilization of our capabilities reflects on our active and completed works. Having a culture of pride and care ensures the most amazing business relationships through all seasons of safety, security and dedication to our customers.


Know our philosophy

To date, Ochoa Construction operates on debt free financial practices, carries bonding, and actively seeks upscale projects valued from $100,000 to $1M.

We are maturing as a company, we make our decisions based on job 

We are maturing as a company, we make our decisions based on our sense of responsibility and capabilities of completing each job while servicing the customer best. We’re growing our customer base, working toward building relationships that maintain through all seasons”.

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