We include all aspects of construction, including but not limited to

Acoustical Ceiling

A variety of designs to enable your project aesthetically and provide sound control

Drywall Framing

Many benefits over the past method of lath and plaster include insulation ability

Rough Carpentry

Ability to create any habitable structure from wood or metal

Metal Stud Framing

The implementation of steel reduces the worry for insects or rot along with additional fire resistance


Multiple color options for installation of the industry’s most durable wall covering

Doors, Frames, & Hardware

Providing professional and appealing installation to any desired entryway


To date Ochoa Construction operates on debt free financial practices, carries bonding, and actively seeks projects from $100,000 to $1M.


We are on since 2005

BY 2005

BY 2010

BY 2015

BY 2018

BY 2019

5 We launched during the real estate boom into the world of commercial drywall.
10 We gained experience in a wide variety of sectors.
15 We actively seek upscale projects valued from $100,000 to $1M.
18 We´re pursuing a slot as one of the best commercial drywall contractors in Atlanta.
19 Safety is our priority, we take pride in our work ethic and professionalism.

Safety is our priority

We take pride in our work ethic and professionalism, Our company leaders transfer their vision and aspirations to the team by the way we project ourselves to our workers


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